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Specifically formulated to meet dogs' essential health needs at every lifestage

Clinically proven “toothbrush-like” technology to help reduce plaque and tartar keeping teeth clean and fresh breath

Unique blend of ingredients and low fat content helps your neutered cat avoid the typical weight gain after spay or neuter surgery



With a whole world to discover, puppies have a great need for energy and protein to grow new cells, along with balanced mineral levels to encourage healthy growth



Adult dogs’ needs can be summed up in one word: “Maintenance”. Maintaining great health throughout the years of adulthood can be a finicky business, but with the right balance of minerals, energy content and prebiotic fibres , dogs can keep their organs and muscles healthy throughout adulthood, preserving great health for the future

Neutered Dog

Neutered Dog

Neutered dogs need fewer calories to maintain healthy body weight, and may gain weight easier than their intact counterparts. 

Mature Adult

Mature Adult

 Mature Adult dogs need just the right balance of nutrition to keep healthy during their golden years.

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