The Importance of Cat Health - From A Kitten to a Healthy Cat

From the moment you first get a kitten it is important you look after it to promote good health. Cat health is something that one should take very seriously and if you begin with a kitten’s nutrition, you can set a good cat health foundation for life.

Once you first bring your little bundle of joy home it is important you see a vet for a check-up immediately. Your vet will be able to pick up on any health issues that your little cat may have and ensure that the overall health of your kitten is good – including making provision for regular worming and flea control. You can also arrange with your vet to bring your kitty in for its vaccinations against common cat illnesses, like cat flu and feline enteritis from 9 weeks of age. Try to keep track of how often you take your kitten for vaccinations and when the next one is due to ensure the best in cat health at this important stage in life.

Cat food equals good cat health

The next big concern is what you are feeding your kitten. In order for your kitten to grow into a big strong cat, it needs the right amount of nutrients. Good cat health means that you need to be wary about what type of foods you feed your kitten. Is your cat getting enough essential vitamins and minerals? Here at Hills Pet, we stock an array of nutritious packs that are specifically designed for kittens to promote the best of health as they grow and can be fed until your kitten is a year old.

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