Caring for your kitten's new teeth

Caring for your kitten's new teeth

Brushing your kitten's teeth is not as difficult as you might think; if you start early and use a special cat toothpaste that she likes, your kitten will even look forward to it. Don't be tempted to use a human toothbrush as they are not suitable and can damage your pet's gums. Your vet will be happy to advise you on which brush is right for your kitten.

Start by getting your kitten accustomed to you placing your finger in her mouth by gently coaxing her mouth open and rubbing her teeth. Then get her used to the toothbrush: maybe put some tuna, or juice from the tuna tin on the brush to tempt her. Once she's happy with this, start to use the cat toothpaste.

If you find tooth brushing at all difficult ask your vet for advice. Most practices offer dental health checks and will be happy to show you how to brush your kitten's teeth.

When your kitten becomes a fully grown cat, there are special foods that will help keep her teeth healthy, such as Hill"s™ Science Plan™ Oral Care.

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