Looking for ways to keep your cat active? Explore these articles. 

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Maintaining Your Cat’s Health with Play

One of the most important things you can do for your cat is play with her. It helps maintain her health, strengthens the bond you share with her, and could even improve your health a bit too. Luckily, cats love to play, so motivating them shouldn’t be as hard as getting up to go to the gym at five o’clock in the morning. All it requires is the right cat toys, some sound stimulation and games! In a nutshell, cat play is almost entirely about stimulating their hunting and chasing instincts.  

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Turn Exercise Time into Playtime

Outdoor cats get plenty of exercise , playing and hunting time. But indoor cats are a little more likely to become couch potatoes. Lucky for you, exercising a cat isn’t difficult – it’s actually a lot of fun! Plus, it helps strengthen your relationship while simultaneously maintaining her mental and physical health.

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Games & Toys

Cats are crazy about games, and the only thing it requires on your end is a little creativity. First, try hiding treats around your home for a scavenger hunt. Because she was born a natural hunter, she’ll love searching for the surprises. You can also play hide-and-seek. Just move to different rooms in your house and call her name, always remembering to reward her when she finds you. Cat toys are also a great way to get your cat moving. Try wand-type toys with feathers on the end, small remote control cars, and bells. Or simply tie a string to one of her toys and yank the string so it looks like it’s moving – she’ll pounce instantly. One thing to remember is to never allow your cat to use your hands and fingers as “prey.” If you do, you’ll teach her that hunting people is appropriate. It’s best to stop the behavior before it becomes second nature to your cat – not to mention, it’s a hard habit to break.