Learn more about how to care for your cat by exploring these articles. 

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Caring for Your Cat

There's a lot to consider when owning a cat. One thing to note is that no cat parent is perfect! Most cat parents learn as we go, but for now, you can find several answers to your pressing questions right here. 

proper homecare

Proper Homecare

Your home might be the most comfortable place she’s ever been, but it could be the most dangerous if you don’t take proper precautions. Cat-proof your home by taking a look at every nook and cranny from a cat’s perspective. You may notice open cabinets –lock them to keep poisonous chemicals, like anti-freeze, away from her. Dangling strings or cords of any kind may be one tug away from a big mess or injury. Also place houseplants out of reach as some are poisonous to cats. These are just a few hazards to note. Search the articles in this section for more information. 

Traveling with Cats

Most cats aren’t big on traveling. In fact, they prefer to stick to their own territory and feel very uncomfortable away from home. But if you decide to take a trip or are moving with cats to a new home, you’ll need to get an appropriate carrier and keep it confined until she is bonded with her new territory. Flying with cats will require a little more planning as some airlines require cats to travel in a separate part of the plane that is heated and pressurised

grooming your cat

Grooming Your Cat

As you’re probably already aware, most cats spend a large part of their day grooming themselves – but sometimes they need a little extra help (like when their fur becomes tangled). Every time you groom her, make sure she is relaxed. If you need to comb her, start by brushing her favorite spots and then progress to other areas working gently and quietly so it's a positive experience for you both.