DIY Collapsible Dog Bowl for Pets on the Go

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Find a dog food that fits your pet’s needs

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Adventurous pet parents love to take their faithful companions along for the ride, and a DIY collapsible dog bowl is just the thing to keep your buddy healthy and happy on walks and trips to the park.

diy collapsible dog bowl

Lots of water is especially important when the thermostat reaches high temps in the summer. To help your pet cool off, Trupanion recommends you "provide plenty of cool, clean drinking water for your pet so that [he] can stay hydrated throughout the heat." A great way to accomplish this is to make your own collapsible water bowl for your furry friend!

This fun and functional portable pet bowl provides your dog with the water he needs, and it doesn't take up much time, space, or money. You can create it in about ten to fifteen minutes with minimal materials. In addition to keeping your pooch hydrated and well-fed, this collapsible dog bowl re-purposes a very common household product that you probably have in your home: a cardboard cereal box!

What You'll Need

Materials needed for diy collapsible dog bowl

  • One cardboard cereal box (two if you are making separate bowls for food and water)
  • Empty cereal bag
  • Scissors
  • Pencil or pen
  • Ruler

How to Make It

  1. Remove empty bag from cereal box. Dampen a cloth with warm water, or try a 50-50 vinegar and water mixture, to wipe any cereal residue out of the bag. Set bag aside.
  2. Open the bottom of the box and flatten out on your work surface. Cut off all four flaps on the bottom end of the box.
  3. Once the flaps are removed, use the ruler to measure approximately 2'' to 4'' (the smaller the dog, the smaller the measurement) up from the bottom of the box. This measurement determines the depth of the DIY collapsible dog bowl.
  4. Hand forms cardboard base for DIY collapsible dog food bowl.With the box still flat, draw a line across the width of the box. Cut along this line to create a four-sided cardboard strip, which will become the base of the bowl. The rest of the box can be recycled.
  5. Create a fold with one of the wider sides of the cardboard base about half the width of the adjacent narrow side (see image). This fold allows the rectangular shape of the base to become circular when the dog bowl is opened.
  6. Next, create the insert for the dog bowl by cutting down the cereal bag. Measure at least twice the depth of the bowl up from the bottom of the bag. For example, if the depth of your bowl is 2'', the height of your cereal bag should be 5".
  7. Scissors cut through plastic cereal bag.Draw a line across the width of the bag and cut along this line. Discard the top half of the cereal bag.
  8. Place the cereal bag inside the cardboard base and fold it over the sides of the cardboard, just as you would put a garbage bag into a can. Pull the bag down so that it is secure around the sides of the base.
  9. Smooth the bag around the cardboard base to flatten out the bag so that it is flush with the surface upon which you'll serve your dog his food and water.
  10. And there you have it: an easily transportable DIY collapsible bowl for dogs!

Dog drinks from DIY collapsible dog dish.

To take your pet bowl on the go, simply fold and stow in your backpack, purse, or even back pants pocket. The small size of this bowl allows you to carry separate dishes for food and water without adding extra weight and hassle. You can reuse (with a simple cleaning) or dispose of the container when your furry friend is done. And the cardboard base can be recycled, which means less waste!

This collapsible dog bowl gives your furry guy the essentials he needs to be safe and healthy, especially when you're on the go during the hot summer. Happy travels!


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