Dog exercise tips – getting them in shape

Encouraging regular exercise as well as providing top-notch nutrition is a great way to help your dog reach and maintain their perfect weight, making sure they stay fit and healthy.

Exercise doesn’t have to be an effort – here are some fun dog exercise ideas which the whole family can enjoy:

  1. Send them ‘stair-crazy’

    Stand at the top of the stairs with your dog at the bottom. Call your dog to the top of the stairs and reward them by playing with their favorite toy. Repeat the process. Stairs help your dog engage different muscles to walking on the flat, giving them a great workout.

  2. DIY dog toys

    Not all dog toys have to be expensive – why not customise an old household item to make meal times more active? Putting a portion of their daily allowance of food in an empty egg box, for example, can be a great way to make your dog work for their dinner by encouraging them to get the food out with their paw or tongue. Make sure the toy is safe to play with and always supervise the activity.

  3. Sniff and search

    Use one of your dog’s favourite toys, or part of their daily food allowance to create a scent trail by rubbing it at intervals on the ground. Hide the toy or food at the end of the trail and let your dog sniff it out.

  4. Healthy hoopla

    Hold a plastic hoop upright and close to the ground. Encourage your dog to walk through it, rewarding them with praise and interaction. Gradually lift the hoop slightly higher off the floor and they’ll be flying through the air in no time. Make sure the hoop is large enough for your dog to easily fit through and always stop at a height your dog is happy with.

  5. Walk and talk

    Team up with a friend who has a compatible doggy playmate for your pooch to make off-the-lead dog walks more social. By walking along while you chat, your dogs will be encouraged to keep moving too, stimulating more active playtime antics.

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If you have any concerns about your dog’s health or are worried that they are severely overweight, always seek veterinary advice before starting a weight loss programme.

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