Signs of food sensitivity to look out for in your dog…

What’s good for one dog isn’t always good for another, and some dogs just have more sensitive digestion than others. An ingredient that one dog loves and easily digests may trigger havoc in another dog’s digestive tract.

If you see these signs in your dog, you could be dealing with food sensitivity:

  1. Unusual grumbling: If your dog’s stomach is given to backchat after meals, it could be that his food isn’t agreeing with him.
  2. Seeing meals twice: Dogs who tend to throw up regularly, especially shortly after a meal, may be reacting to something in the food. This sign is worthy of a vet visit even without the others!
  3. Door dashes: If your dog keeps you running to the door to let him out to relieve himself (especially if he regularly has very soft stools or diarrhoea) his innards are likely protesting at some of the ingredients in his food.

Keep a record of these and other signs you see and bring it with you when you visit your vet – if food sensitivity is the problem, your vet can explain the benefits of an easily digestible food that avoids the kinds of ingredients that dogs are most commonly sensitive to. For dogs with food sensitivity, the right food is a vital part of giving much-needed relief. Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d Sensitive may be exactly the food your dog needs!

Food sensitivity can be tricky to confirm, and it can take some time to discover exactly which ingredients aren’t agreeing with your dog, but it’s certainly worth the effort for the relief that it can bring to your dog (and your carpets!).

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